Tuesday, March 4, 2014



                                                    1.Andrew Coltrane-"Eisteddfod" c32
lost drifting electronic dreams, disembodied vocals & absurd drones
2.Andrew Coltrane-"Acid & Iron" c32
 crude tumbling textures , feed backing electronics & tape loops composition
3. Andrew Coltrane "The Devil's Mark"
bowed objects, homemade violin & decomposed piano & electronics.
4.Andrew Coltrane "Solar Eclipse" c32
slow drift drones of a dying analog synth & junk clatter loops
5. PERVERSE-"Her Bestial Dreams"c20
anonymous group provide sleazy crumbling walls, all in the red chaos
1st tape in the HN series
above tapes are $7.00 each in the USA
email for foreign shipping costs

6.Andrew Coltrane "Short Wave Intercept 1996-97" 2 x c32
probably the 1st A.C. tape recorded w/ just short wave & police scanner
email for foreign shipping cost


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