Monday, August 4, 2014



4 new tapes from hermitagetapes:
1.Disintegrating Minds: "Degradation" c32
case study tape+ industrial synth action
2."Disintegrating Minds "Kill, Kill. Kill" c62
case study of serial killers in an sleazy synth setting.
kill  kill  kill for inner peace!
3. Disintegrating Minds "Despised" c63
fourteen cold songs about the most despised killers ever!
analog synths/tapes & beats
4.Andrew Coltrane "ANIMALS"C32
analog loops of growling/animals/nightmare forest
numbered edition of 25
$7.00 each or all four for $20.00(usa only)
Andrew Coltrane
"Sound Test Training"
12 x c20
$60.00 in usa
numbered edition of 6

payment to:
oversea inquiries contact:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



                                                    1.Andrew Coltrane-"Eisteddfod" c32
lost drifting electronic dreams, disembodied vocals & absurd drones
2.Andrew Coltrane-"Acid & Iron" c32
 crude tumbling textures , feed backing electronics & tape loops composition
3. Andrew Coltrane "The Devil's Mark"
bowed objects, homemade violin & decomposed piano & electronics.
4.Andrew Coltrane "Solar Eclipse" c32
slow drift drones of a dying analog synth & junk clatter loops
5. PERVERSE-"Her Bestial Dreams"c20
anonymous group provide sleazy crumbling walls, all in the red chaos
1st tape in the HN series
above tapes are $7.00 each in the USA
email for foreign shipping costs

6.Andrew Coltrane "Short Wave Intercept 1996-97" 2 x c32
probably the 1st A.C. tape recorded w/ just short wave & police scanner
email for foreign shipping cost