Monday, April 2, 2012

Selected Discography

1."Warfare" c60
 2."Plague of Seven Bowls" c22
3."Der Lustgalgen" c30
4."Broken Bones" c62
5."Servile Mechanism" c60
6."Death Threats" 6xc30 boxset
7."Full Frequency Flashback" c60
8."Indian Summer" c30
9."Slaves of Metal" c60
10."Disturbances of Growth" c30
11."Hanged White Man" c30
12.Cronos & Hecate c60
13."Necrosis" 2xc45
14."Bad Omen" c60
15."Slow Death" c30
16."Unrepentant Sadism" c20
17."Wreckage" Cdr
18."Catacombs" c30
19."Born to Lose" c30
20."Rotten Blues" c30
21."Cyclops" c60
22."Nocturnal Blood of Garbage Dreams" c32
23."Body Bag" 2xcass.
24."Brain Cleansing" c30
25." Rehearsals for Armaggedon" c90