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Pollutive Static is the "harsh noise"project founded by Hal Hutchinson
"dedicated to all forms of noise pollution" it seems many forms of noise have been composed into two perfect pieces of almost symphonic proportions.
the 1st ; a blistering piece full of high -end frequencies & many layers of harsh textures moving in &out of each other...
the 2nd: hits harder w/ more harsh bass tones with again many layers of different sounds moving along & leading to an almost symphonic apex.
c20 in 5"X7" cassette album w/ art by a.c.

also available:

Andrew Coltrane"Brain Cleansing" c30
fours songs recorded on 4 track using: bowed metals & strings,reeds,tapeloops,chord organ, synth,perc.,shortwave radio,voice,etc. not so-cosmic tones for mental therapy

Disintegrating Minds "the Living Creatures" c60
6th tape of A.C. solo project using old analog synths,tapeloops&drum machines.
all mastered from disgusting falling apart tapes...

COLD TURKEY "Was Nothing Ever" c30
archive series, unreleased album from 2004(solo a.c. on this one)
new prices:1 cassette: $5.50 u.s.a $7.50 can/mex & $8.50 rest of the world
contact for mutilple items hookup
paypal: contact:

next: FORTUNE TELLER boxset 6Xc20(Haters,Jeph Jerman,Darksmith,Ludo Mich,Nyoukis,etc)
INCAPACITANTS "WALK HOME" 7" at the plant now!

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