Thursday, December 23, 2010

Andrew Coltrane "Wir Spielen Bis Uns Der Tod Abholdt"

Available January 1st 2011 : 

Andrew Coltrane

"Wir spielen bis uns der Tod abholdt"
                                                           (We play until death shuts the door)

                                                    12" lathe-cut LP(clear,w/ picture labels)+insert
                                                          numbered edition of 25 copies
                                                     "voice/field recordings/ chord organ/
                                                    junk metal &cut-up style tape manipulations
                                                     primitve organ drones,drooling vocals ,
                                                                acoustic metal clatter.
                                             $25.00 U.S. /$30.00 Can/Mex. /$35.00 Rest of World

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